I'm trying to find load data for the Sierra Sports Master 9mm 115 gr Jacketed Hollow Point. Have all kind's of data for the FMJ, not sure if it applies to the hollow point. I was planning on using some Hodgden HS-6 for these loads.I am loading to Lyman's 49th data. loading Xtreme 115 Gr plated, I have done my string from 3.5 gr, 3.7 gr, and 3.8 gr with a col of 1.075 So my real question is, if you use Red Dot with 9MM, and plated bullets what do you load them to (powder weight, and OAL)? Sierra 90 grain JHP - 5.4 grains - Avg.CFE Pistol provides optimum performance in cartridges like the 9mm Luger, 38 Super, 40 S&W, the 45 ACP and many more. Available in 1 lb. and 8 lb. containers. SAFETY DATA SHEET
I need powder recommedations for 9mm, which is what I'm going to load next. Requirements are cost first (I want cheap) and I need to make 1100FPS with a 115gr bullet. It's an IPSC Power Factor requirement. Of the two guys I know who load 9mm, one is running super high pressure compressed loads through a compensated 2011. I don't want his load data.
Load Data: Handgun Loading / Reloading Information 9mm, 38 Caliber, 10mm, 41 Caliber, 44 Caliber, 45 Caliber By Nosler Inc
Mar 19, 2010 · Hi everyone. I'm attempting to use some caution on my next 9mm loads. I've used Hornady 9mm 115gr HP XTP bullets up to this point but I picked up 1000 Sierra 9mm 115gr JHP at my shooting range for $130 - a stellar deal, I think. The only thing I am missing is the seating depth for the new Sierra bullets. I currently loaded 10 test loads of 9MM in UMC cases, CCI 500 primers with a UMC 9mm FMJ. I have the OAL set to 1.030-1.035 at 4.3-4.4gr from me Lee Pro Auto-Disk. These look like they will feel similar to my Barnes 115 +P TAC-XPD...G17 9MM Magazines; G18 9MM Magazines; G19 9MM Magazines; G26 9MM Magazines; G34 9MM Magazines; G43 9MM Magazines; G43X/G48 9MM Magazines; G45 9MM Magazines; G22 .40 S&W Magazines; G23 .40 S&W Magazines; G27 .40 S&W Magazines; G35 .40 S&W Magazines; G20 10MM Magazines; G29 10MM Magazines; G40 10MM Magazines; G21 .45 ACP Magazines; G30 .45 ACP ... Fl studio mobile obb file downloadThe 9mm has been a world favorite for years. Ever since its debut in Imperial Germany back in 1902, the 9mm has been one of the most effective rounds in the world. When you need a bullet that will work one hundred percent of the time, Sierra is the way to go.
Jan 19, 2016 · He told me that I can use any load data for flat nose, jacketed or JHP for my 125 Gr. 9mm JHP. That part I understand now. 125 Gr. is 125 Gr. As long as it is the same type of bullet. What I don't understand is COL. He suggested I use the data on their site for the Sierra FMJ- Okay so far- Starting load at 3.0 to 3.6 max
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S2200C Sierra Bullets 30cal {.308} 168gr HPBT Match Box of 500 $158.80 Sierra MatchKing .30 Caliber/7.62mm (.308) 168 gr. HPBT Match Box of 500 Diameter (inches) .308 Weight (grains) 168 Sectional (Density) .253 Ballistic Coefficients: .462 @ 2600 fps and above .447 between 2600 and 2100 fps .424 between 2100 and 1600 fps .405 @ 1600 fps and ...
The new Vihtavuori Reloading Guide 2/2002 for Centerfire Ammunition is an updated version of the previous Vihtavuori Reloading Guide 1/2002. The contents of this new issue 2/2002 has been revised with new loading data for: - Lapua's famous 200 gr D166 FMJBT bullet in cal. 7.62 x 54R, - cal. 7.5 x 55 GP31(7.5mm Swiss, - cal. 300 Remington Ultra ... .

Sierra Bullets Sports Master, 9mm, 115Gr, .355 Diameter, Jacketed Hollow Point, 100rd Box. Sierra Bullets 8110. Sports Master bullets are primarily for hunting. Bullets intended for use in revolvers and rifles with tubular magazines have a cannelure to facilitate roll crimping. Sports Master ... Free pistol reloading data and free reloading recipes for pistol ammunition. Please check back often as I upload new calibers and update pistol load data on a regular basis. Am I missing something or are you looking for a specific caliber? Contact me and I will upload it. This load data is sourced from prominent sources and seasoned reloaders. Reloading Get the most performance from Federal components by using our carefully developed, high-performance reloading data. We are currently populating the cartridge drop-down menu with updated cartridge renderings, new propellants and bullets, and links to complementary product pages.
Nov 22, 2020 · Johnny's Reloading Bench - Let's hunt some whitetail deer with the 6mm ARC! The 90gr Sierra Game Changer has shot some great groups in my rifle, so let's work Sep 19, 2018 · Reloading 300 Blackout and Testing Loads in 2 Different ARs J.D. Jones’ 300 Whisper got things started commercially years ago for today’s 300 AAC Blackout fans. Both cartridges are cross compatible in new chambers, but don’t try reformed military brass in a tight, old Whisper chamber.

California class action practice guideSierra has added a serrated "Power Jacket" on hollow cavity and hollow point bullets. On impact, the "Power Jacket" expands uniformly along the serration lines for consistent weight retention and maximum energy transfer. Reloading. Reloading Brass Bullets ... Sig Sauer V-Crown by Sierra Handgun Bullets 9mm .355" 90 gr JHP Sig Sauer V-Crown 100/ct. SI9990 Show Specs. Brand: ... Fiberglass car bodies manufacturers
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Stateline Bullets is the premier provider and manufacturer of Cast Lead Bullets and reloading supplies. Our hard lead cast bullets for pistols and rifles are made of the highest quality foundry alloy and are triple hand sorted to guarantee you the best reloading bullets and shooting supplies the market has to offer, all at competitive prices.
Dodge journey p0456Ballistics gel testing plus pork shot and sliced. You've seen worse on the Food Network but be warned. Now, turn on HD!Here we have Sierra's 9mm 90gr JHP...Over a hundred new reloading data lines. Our massive reloading data update is here! We’ve been working hard on producing some new data for you, and now we are happy to announce the addition of more than 130 lines of reloading data, with bullets by Barnes, Brenneke, Lapua, Berger, Sierra, Woodleigh, Hornady, Nosler and LOS, featuring the following calibers: Reloading The 9 MM Luger (WC= WadCutter, SWC= Semi-WadCutter, HP= Hollow Point, RN= Round Nose, FMC= Full Metal Case, FMJ= Full Metal Jacket JHP= Jacketed Hollow Point and if GC indicated, means Gas Check at bottom of lead bullet) Loads for 9 MM Luger: (Note: These are near maximum loads, you should use 10% less to start.) A database of 9mm handloads. Powder Bul Weight C.O.L. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type This bullets has the Sierra's Power Jacket and the same hollow point design as Sierra's 9mm and 10mm JHP SportsMaster bullets. They are suitable also for the 45 Auto Rim and the 45 Colt cartridges. The 45 Colt may require special attention when sizing cases during reloading due to a slight difference in bullet diameters. Visit our forum at: singleactions.proboards.com We are across the st. from the Forks Cemetery on Main st. in Stockertown,Pa. Call 484-903-7100 For daytime appointment.We are open Monday nights 7:00pm to 9:00pm and Tuesday and Wednesday nights 6:30pm to 9:00pm New Powder Shipment came in
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I've just reloaded some Hornady FMJ RN and Sierra FMJ both 115gr and confused about the OAL. I seated it to 1.169 according to the Lee manual but comparing it to some federal and fiocchi it seems way longer. I'm using Bullseye powder at 4.7gr (5.0gr max load). Anyone have any suggestions...
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9MM (1) 125 Grain (1) Rifle Ammunition (22) 223 Remington (0) 53 Grain (0) 55 Grain (0) 69 Grain (0) 243 Winchester (0) 100 Grain (0) 55 Grain (0) 70 Grain (0) 80 Grain (0) 270 Winchester (0) 140 Grain (0) 150 Grain (0) 30-06 Springfield (0) 150 Grain (0) 165 Grain (0) 180 Grain (0) 30-30 Winchester (0) 150 Grain Round Nose (0) 170 Grain Flat Nose (0)
Reloading your own ammo can save you tons of dollars. Here at Palmetto State Armory, we offer a wide selection of Bullets from top brands such as Federal, Hornady, Nosler, Sierra, & more. .
HORNADY LOCK N LOAD RELOADING PRESS For sale Hornady Lock N Load Reloading Press, it comes with various adapters and 3 shell plate holders, 9mm, .223 and 327. You get everything... Private Party Marsing $495: 340 weatherby brass Titan Reloading offers Rifle and Pistol Bullets in Many Popular Calibers like Accura, ACME, Jacketed and Clearance Bullets. Call 262.397.8819 to learn more. Bichon frise poodle mix puppies for sale near me
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9mm Luger 38 Special 40 S&W 45 ACP Reloading Supplies Midwest Powders Reloading Pistol Powder Reloading Rifle Powder Reloading Shotshell Powder LOS Bullets LOS Pistol Bullets 9mm / 380 Auto (.355 - .356) 38 Cal (.357 - .358) 40 Cal / 10mm (.400 - .401) 45 Cal (.451 - .454) LOS Rifle Bullets 22 Cal (.222 - .227)
a I'm trying to find load data for the Sierra Sports Master 9mm 115 gr Jacketed Hollow Point. Have all kind's of data for the FMJ, not sure if it applies to the hollow point. I was planning on using some Hodgden HS-6 for these loads.Lee Load-All accessories. Lee Classic Loader - simpliest reloading tool. Packed by 100 pcs. Sierra JHP The 125 grain #8125 bullets brings it's excellent qualities to the larger 9mm cartridges, such as the 9mm Luger (9x19 mm), 9x21 mm, 357 Sig, and 38 Super.Select loads managed to push the 90-grain Sierra JHP bullet to over 1,750 fps, the 115-grain Sierra JHP to over 1,450 or 125-grain JHP to nearly 1 Starline cases were used exclusively developing the accompanying data. Lab tests with the 9mm Luger have revealed that seating bullets just .040 inch...Apr 08, 2016 · The 30-30 with the Sierra 125 grain bullet works well with H-322. The 7.62 X 39 uses 322 to good effect. Like the others there are other good powders with similar characteristics that I use.
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Aug 19, 2015 · All contents of this website copyright 2007-2011 Rob's Reloading. Use information contained herein at your own risk. "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom,
Starline Brass sells America's finest handgun, rifle and pistol brass cases for reloading ammunition. Factory direct value plus highest quality - shipped to your door. Megalovania recreationThe only published 9 major load you will find will be VV 3n37 with 147 grain bullets, the rest will all be loaded long and over SAAMI pressure. Check out Brian Enos forums for data on non published loads. Be smart, start low and work your loads up, and shoot over a chronograph while experimenting. level 2 .
Csr1000v licenseApr 09, 2020 · Not for the Sierra. But I get 0.4 moa with a 180 Scirocco II seated 0.060” jump, pushed 2917 fps with 62.5gr RL16 out of 2001 Win M70 Featherweight 300 WSM . Lit with WLRM. 9MM Luger Brass (Small Pistol primer) 0.748 - 0.754 O.A.L. 9mm brass: also known as 9mm Parabellum, 9mm Luger and 9x19mm. This cartridge is now one of the most popular pistol cartridges in the world.

Fingerprint driver for windows 10 hpHORNADY LOCK N LOAD RELOADING PRESS For sale Hornady Lock N Load Reloading Press, it comes with various adapters and 3 shell plate holders, 9mm, .223 and 327. You get everything... Private Party Marsing $495: 340 weatherby brass
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